10 Cases Which End Automated Emails Order Confirmation

Websites, unfortunately they are sometimes abandoned.Georgia Phone Number List  To arouse the customer’s interest in the site again .An email must remind him that items are waiting in his basket. This will often trigger the switch to purchase. The conversion rate will then be improved. 5. Date email to bring even more personalization. A birthday email with special attention such as a coupon or. A gift can be sent to customers. It is extremely pleasing! Likewise for other holidays. Such as christmas easter, or according to the seasons. This gives the impression of a unique and personal. Relationship between the customer and the brand. 6. Up-selling or cross-selling email to encourage. Your customers to buy complementary products.

Likewise if You Want to Reward the Most Loyal

To the product they have just purchased or to upgrade.An automated email is a good idea so that the custome. Georgia Phone Number List R has the information quickly and precisely. This will increase the value of customers’ baskets. 7. Follow-up email recovery is important. It can be set up following an action. On an e-mail, from customers. If one aspect among several, in an email. Appealed to the prospect so much that he clicked on it. But did nothing more, a follow-up email about this product or service is relevant. This will allow you to give more information to the customer . And potentially make a sale. 8. The satisfaction survey c.Ustomer feedback on their experiences with the brand. Is a source of improvement for companies .

Email Following Specific Behavior

Georgia Phone Number List

Therefore, why not set up a satisfaction. Georgia Phone Number List Questionnaire and send it automatically after each purchase. Whether the action takes place digitally or. Physically, an email address is easily recoverable. To be able to send automatic emails to these customers. And there are always areas for improvement. 9. Invite and give information about an event to invite customers to an event. The automatic email can help you select the target of this event . In the first place. For example depending on age.If you are a cosmetics brand aimed at women over 50 and .You want to invite this target exclusively, automation is very practical

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