13 Inmates Are Loose the Streets of Spain and Fox Crime

Spain Digital Marketing Written by Abraham Geifman Spain.madrid.- Faced With New Forms of Advertising. South Korea Phone Number ListTraditional Advertising Seeks New Spaces to Reach. Its Audiences and One of the Strategies Being. Applied in Spain in the Last Two Years Is. To Convert a Product Into News to Obtain the Attention of the Media. But Without the Cost of a Campaign. A Clear Example. Of This New Fashion Has Been the Launching of the Larges.t Paper Boat in Spain on the Manzanares. River in Madrid to Promote a Contest for the “sponsor” of the Event.in This Case Cutty Sark Whiskey Lavueltaen80dias.com . This New Trend Among Advertisers.

Has Been Commented on by toño Méndez

Director of the Tango Advertising Agency and Clara Marchán . South Korea Phone Number List with the Same Position in the Spanish Division of Leo Burnett.to Point Out That These Innovative Practices Are. Being Used More and More in Advertising . Iberian Nation. That Is Why Marchán Explains That.for Two or Three Years, a Type of Investment Has Been .intensified Based on Generating Content That Can Be. Attractive to the Media as News. So That Without Having to Pay for Space. You Get the Attention of the Media. Audience.” for His Part Méndez Confirms the Growth of This Trend. Adding That by Treating This Type.

Event as Newsit Obtains Greater Credibility

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Than if It Were Paid Advertising in Addition to Being More Profitable Than .South Korea Phone Number List this and Transmitting Brand Values. For Many Advertisers Advertisers and Media Owners. This Trend Stems From the Moment That Traditional Advertising Is Going Through, Described by Emilio Azcárraga.president of Televisa as “a Mature Market”.during His Presentation at the “Global Alumni Forum” That. Organized by the Madrid Business Institue a Few Days Ago. While Regarding the Issue of Generating News About a Product. As a Form of Advertising , Marchán Adds That “It Is Not Only That Without.

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