2 Hours Have These Five Commonalities B2B Email List

The phenomenon of these stores being “like a market” makes many traditional stores both jealous and envious. But at the same time, there are also many short-lived B2B Email List online celebrity shops. For example, the popular  (cake category) and “Miss Zhao does not wait for a table”. Which were very popular at the time. Used to be very popular in line, but now they are closing one after another.

Why are some online celebrity stores short-lived, while others can remain popular for more than three years?

This is really a marketing question worth thinking about. Some people may say. Because the products of these online celebrity shops are very good, the promotion is very good, and so on.

Gross profit level

In fact, many online In the first place, celebrity shops with authentic or delicious products may not be sustainable. For example: Uncle Che Si, at that time, many people went to queue for four or five hours. Many people said that they bought it because the product was good, but it did not continue to B2B Email List be popular because the product was good. There is also a good promotion, In the first place, which does not necessarily mean that it is a sufficient factor for an online celebrity store to continue to be popular, because the promotion of online celebrity stores will not be bad now. This is the basic work.

That is to say, a good product or a good marketing promotion is not a sufficient In the first place, condition for an online celebrity shop to continue to be popular.

In fact, it is a systematic job for an online celebrity store to remain popular or an offline store to continue to be profitable. From the perspective In B2B Email List the first place, of traditional stores, maintaining the profitability of the store should cover cost control, supply chain, operation management and other aspects. And if an online celebrity shop can maintain a relatively popular situation, what content should it cover?

Gross profit space

Based on the marketing experience of multiple catering stores, as well as in-depth analysis and summary from various aspects. We have come to the conclusion that if the online celebrity store can be sustainable or worth joining. At least the following five aspects need to be met:

Because most of the online red shop brands are mainly fast-moving consumer goods, such as: Hey Tea, Master Bao, etc. If the gross profit of fast-moving consumer goods does not reach more than 60%, it is almost difficult to make fire. Because of various operating costs (labor, rent, marketing expenses, etc.), it is necessary to have high gross profit space, so that it is possible to become a popular brand.

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