Personalization needs to match content to evolving customer needs, especially when the content is created on a large scale and is poorly categorized. Predictive lead scoring is driven by an insatiable desire for new sales conversations, where it is difficult to identify or discover signals that identify the account of interest.Carefully Selected Related Content: Want to Scale Up Your Content Operations? Four things to think about [infographics] Insight-driven businessThese new approaches address the underlying challenges. While the buying process has changed and buyers are increasingly empowered, informed and connected, businesses primarily sell in the same way as they always do. Using content to attract, engage, and transform is part of the solution, but major marketers also use content to understand their customers.

Andjdavies says major marketers use #content to understand their customers. Click to tweet In an increasingly competitive world, businesses that don’t understand buyers quickly lose market share as new digital-first competitors grow. Disruptors are obsessed with customers. They focus on providing a great seamless customer experience. They are not hampered by outdated technology and rigorous processes. They appreciate that acting with deeper customer understanding builds a competitive advantage.Forrester Research is building a set of evidence for what is called an “insight-driven business.” One of the definitions of these businesses is that there is no friction between the point of understanding the customer and the point of providing the next response. There is a fully automated feedback loop. The business cohort that Forrester defines in this category, a fast-growing company that innovates based on customer understanding and experience, should be truly scary for existing companies.

Marketing AI promises unstructured, real-time customer interaction that provides value. Current rule-based systems cannot simply scale or complete manual processes in the time required for marketing teams to provide relevance.Success factorAs more companies invest in AI-based approaches, commonalities between successful projects are becoming apparent.Executive Sponsorship

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