The transition to a predictive company requires an ideological and practical re-dedication to understanding the customer. The competitive advantage that artificial intelligence brings is not based on algorithms or end-of-life applications, but on a deeper understanding of the customer and action based on that insight at the moment.The obvious obstacles are exclusively tissue-centric. Political, technical obstacles, resource constraints, and syndromes not invented here. But in a flat world, there are disruptive new entrants focused on quality, seamless customer experiences, so the only sustainable option is to invest ahead of competition.It’s time to skate where the market is heading, not where it’s heading, to twist the worn-out Wayne Gretzky quote. Ironically, in this case, you don’t have to guess or trust your instincts. The customer has already moved. As a customer, I expect Facebook-inspired content feeds, resulting in privacy trade-offs.

We hope that recommendations like Amazon will help. And like Google, I expect you to anticipate my needs and provide help before I ask. Brings an intelligent and predictive enterprise.First thoughtThe first foray into predictive marketing was hooked into first-party profile data for large customer management and CRM systems. It’s not always clean data, but it’s a good start. A deeper, more defensive approach addresses fundamentally difficult problems. It’s about turning unstructured customer data into actionable insights.Unstructured data, often referred to as dark data, is rarely used within an enterprise, but accounts for 88% of all data collected (IBM Research).

At Idio, the approach to dark data is summarized in the paper “You are what you read.” What we mean is that the content you consume is very informative of your interests and very predictive of your intent. AI-enabled tools analyze this dark data (basically how customers engage and act on content) to anticipate customer interests and intent and personalize the experience.Consider using this project checklist to help ventures into predictive marketing.Is there executive sponsorship for an AI-based approach?

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