5 Steps To Attract Millennials

In ten years companies will be invad by Kuwait Phone Number Millennial the generation that. Together with digital technologies is revolutionizing behavior consumption lifestyles. The way of working and understanding private life and working life. With increasingly blurred boundaries . It is estimat that they will be of the company population with an average stay in the same company of no more than three years.How then to rethink organizations to attract and retain new talents. To speak a common language to all go in the same direction taking into account different behavioral habits?

5 Steps To Attract Millennial To Your Business

Not only the elasticity of half an hour in and out which is Kuwait Phone Number often what flexibility is. Reduc to in Italy but rethinking the work in terms of results to be achieve. Not measuring it bas on the hours spent in the office. Today’s young people live in a world where physical presence is no longer necessary doing banking operations renting a movie chatting with friends. Kuwait Phone Number

The same goes for don’t just work for salary, but also to Kuwait Phone Number build skills and knowledge. Training is no longer just a means to achieve business goals, but a well -rounded learning experience , which involves both career goals and personal interests. In particular, many of them would like to become leaders, but argue that companies are not doing enough for them (Deloitte survey 2014)Even more than previous generations, Millennial place great importance on the. Companies must be transparent in aligning personal goals with those of the organization.

5. Not just profit

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