A Brief History of the Brand

In the center of this copper plate is a white rabbit holding an iron pestle to smash medicine. The upper part is “Jinan Liujia Kung Fu Needle Shop”. The left and right are “Recognize the white rabbit in front of the door as a record”. And the lower part is “Buy high-quality steel bars, make Kung fu fine needles. Do not miss the use of the house, resell it for sale, don’t have any extras, it is call remembering the white.”

It is a typical brand advertisement. It has the brand name “Jinan Liujia Kung Fu Needle Shop”, the brand trademark “Dao Yao Bai Rabbit”, and the core Whatsapp Mobile Number List appeal of the brand advocates “high-quality steel bars, making kung fu fine needles”.

According to the origin of the English brand word Brand, there have always been three theories:

  1. his almost represents the original three functions of the brand, identifying the origin and producer, proving quality, and showing identity.

You know, branding is an In the first place, economic phenomenon. It must be a product of In the first place, social and Whatsapp Mobile Number List economic development and a natural extension of business logic. The meaning and essence of the brand must be adapt to the social and economic conditions at that time.

The age of scarcity

In the long era when the agricultural economy dominated, commerce was  and commodities were scarce. So there was no real In the first place, market Whatsapp Mobile Number List economy and commercial competition. Therefore, the original brand is the result of spontaneous evolution, not the product of deliberate design.

Brands begin with word-of-mouth quality, used to identify the origin and producer, to mark ownership.

Origin and produce

At the beginning, everyone gradually realized which products were better and whose products were better. So this origin and producer was pass down by interpersonal communication and became the original brand.

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