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A previous article about the twitch platform .Guatemala Phone Number List And its marketing opportunities .A wide variety of videos and lives are broadcast there. Usually there are above all.Streams of video games that last a few hours. But here we are going to tell you about an absolutely crazy. Live performance by a 25-year-old american. This is a record broken by twitch streamer. Ludwig ahgren on april 13. A month of live the 25-year-old american. Streamer ended his challenger after a month. He started his twitch live on march 14, 2021 not expecting. It to last 31 days. Indeed, the goal of the live was simple, with each new “Sub” .(paying subscription from the viewers), there had to be. 10 additional seconds live . He thought to broadcast his live only for 24 to 48.

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Hours. It is not without counting on the attraction .Of the listeners for this challenge which he named the. Guatemala Phone Number List sabaton ” (contraction of subscription and maratho. Nevertheless ludwig ahgren. Has set upstream the limit of one month. The numbers have gone up at the start. Of this live, ludwig ahgren had around 1.6 million followers (non-paying subscription. Following this completely crazy month he has 1 million more, or 2.6 million followers . Which is colossal on twitch. To compare, the biggest french streamer, geotag , has 2.9 million followers . Also, concerning the heart of the challenge which was to win paid subscriptions , the los angels streamer multiplied it by almost 9.5 ! Going from 30,000 to over 282,000 subs.

That His Bed Was a Work of Art and Pushed by Them

Guatemala Phone Number List

A broken record Ludwig Algren has broken the. Guatemala Phone Number List Record for the most paid subscriptions on twitch in the world. The previous record was held since 2018, by ninja streamer , real name Tyler Blevins. The world’s top twitch streamer by followers. He reacted on twitter saying. That records are made to be broken, although he is a little sad that he no longer holds this record, he still congratulates the new subscriber record holder. In his daily life thousands of spectators followed. Him during this month and in his daily life . Indeed, we could see him cooking, eating. Playing video games, and even sleeping in a small bed in the shape of a red car which has become a kind of mascot. On the last day of the live in response to.

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