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The tool has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it allows those involved in Digital IT, Marketing and eCommerce to compare their salary with that of those Sri-Lanka Phone Number who  carry out similar activities in small, medium and large Italian companies. On the other hand , it supports HR managersin defining the salary levels most. Suitable for certain digital professionals, verifying the remuneration of employees in the workforce and incoming.

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Taking a cue from these evidences has launched the free interactive Sri-Lanka Phone Number tool , which as explained by Andrea Ran gone, CEO of Digitalis Group, “is a tool that brings ‘transparency’ to the remuneration of professionals linked to the innovative digital context. To recover the gap accumulated in our country on digital culture and on the digital skills of businesses and PA, it is also necessary to understand the value that the many new professionals in the digital world are generating “.

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Companies today can no longer do without digital. But Italy still struggles to fill the gap compared to other European countries. Also thanks to the lack of sensitivity and lack of skills. According to Euro stat data. Remuneration In The  beautiful country is among the last both for the supply of ICT experts. For the demand from companies. It is therefore essential to raise awareness among companies and recognize the right value to resources. Because the overall situation of remuneration in the digital world is still unclear and very heterogeneous.

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