A Message Must Be Adapted To A Customer’s Request

These are the pre-approved message templates. You may not use them for marketing or promotional purposes. Also, you won’t be able to edit a single symbol after validation, so be extra careful when writing the text.order, account or loyalty card. WhatsApp charges a fee for these messages. Session messages These are all other messages sent and received in response to a user-initiated message to your application. A messaging session starts when a user sends a message to your application. It lasts 24 hours. WhatsApp does not charge any fees for sending these messages. But know that WhatsApp is very attentive to spam and user comments, so it’s up to you to establish a pleasant and useful communication. Use case Service notices These can be notifications of account changes, order changes or delivery status, which are very useful for your company’s customer service.


You can open a dialogue with your customer in case changes to the order need to be made and agreed with the user. You can send files, tickets and other useful content. This is a great opportunity to reduce the burden on technical support staff. So, suggest your customers to switch to WhatsApp when they want to discuss order details. Reviews and promotions When sending an order to your customer, you can notify them of the delivery status. After that, you can launch a questionnaire about your service directly in the WhatsApp dialog, and even offer a discount/promotion to entice customers to fill in your feedback form. In this case, you only pay for the first message initiated, and all others will be free for 24 hours. Incoming communications.

This Is A Great Opportunity To Reduce The Burden On Technical Support Staff

So, it’s an opportunity to test and experiment with this new communication channel: add chatbots, share multimedia files, links and promotional material, etc. A lead factory With WhatsApp, you are likely to get a high conversion rate. A single click of a CTA button in your ad can bring a user to your brand’s chat. Usually, leads are sent to a landing page or website, and only after that can they reach the brand. Thanks to WhatsApp Business, they can Nigeria Phone Number List  get all the information they need. And messages are free. Bot for your HR department In case your HR human resources department spends too much time on phone calls and preliminary interviews, opt for the HR chatbot which can take care of the main information gathering. It works well for inbound and outbound traffic.

A backup system The WhatsApp Business app can be a lifeline when you can’t reach your client. For example, imagine a customer left their phone number on your website form, but they don’t answer. You can send an SMS reminder to invite him to a chat on WhatsApp. The incoming message is free. To conclude, we can say that the WhatsApp Business application is going to be very useful to you in certain cases, but beware, it is not a panacea. Thus, it is not necessarily necessary to bring all your customers to this channel. It depends on your objective and the communication format you want to favor with your customers. If, for example, you send alerts that do not involve additional communication, there will be no need to use WhatsApp Business. So consider this solution as an additional interactive channel.


Facebook Allows You To Automatically Download The Content

The Story camera The first time you use the Facebook Story camera, you’ll need to enable access to your camera and microphone. As usual, you can use your front camera or your rear camera. Facebook allows you to automatically download the content you create to your device. This will allow you to upload it to other social media sites or simply reuse your photos and videos for future content. In Facebook Stories, there are four different content formats you can use: normal, video, boomerang, and live. – Customize your Stories You will have to be creative and that’s good, because Facebook Stories offers you a nice selection of effects and animations, ideal for creating attractive content. How do you collect data about your Stories? Facebook offers several ways to learn more about the performance of your Stories.

This will bring up a list of people who have viewed your Story. You can also track the performance of your Stories using “Stories Insights” on your computer. Stories Insights has four columns that will show you the date and time your Story was posted, a thumbnail of your Story, whether your Story is still active or not, and finally the number of different people who have viewed this Story.If you are an entrepreneur, you know the importance of a good communication strategy, a crucial factor in achieving your business objectives. But do you have the time and skills required to put in place an effective communication plan capable of marrying your overall marketing strategy? The answer is no, for the majority of us. So, take advantage of our top 20 of the best Parisian advertising agencies to finally establish an ambitious corporate communication plan.

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