A New Frontier For Digitization In

Cloud and Industry 4.0 . An Oracle Singapore Phone Number research carried out at EM EA level. Just published reveals how for the majority of companies. The A New Frontier Cloud represents the canvas on which to weave and build strategies. Investments in technological innovation such as robotics (62%). Artificial Singapore Phone Number intelligence (60%) . However, currently only 8% have an integrated Cloud model for managing legacy applications and new platforms. Although 36% say they will implement it by the end of this year and another 40% in 2017. Only 5%, on the other hand, have no plans in this direction.

A New Frontier For Digitization In Italy The Cloud Arrives

And where is Italy with the Cloud? We start Singapore Phone Number later. But we are recovering and there is a boom in the application to human resources management. In the last two years , its ease of use has conquered the personnel management of large companies , such as Eel, Enid, General, Tim, Bacon Poplar , but also of medium-sized multinational Singapore Phone Number  companies such as Daniel, Ill and Redecoration . “Italy has chosen the best time to implement the Cloud,” comments David Thalami , Oracle CHM Cloud Sales Manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal, whom we met in Milan. Oracle has 6,000 customers worldwide who have adopted Human Capital Management (CHM) Cloud solutions, and 55% of Fortune 500 companies have an Oracle CHM solution.

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Why is it the best time for the Cloud? Because we Singapore Phone Number are in the second generation, with much higher levels of functionality, effectiveness and integration than five years ago, when it began to be introduced in countries such as France and Great Britain. Italy comes later, in the last two years, and there has been an explosion in the Singapore Phone Number last 18 months , but it can take advantage of the most updated and complete offer.

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