A Pact to Oust the Competition Relevant Online Advertising

In the first place. Whereas thanks to this contract. Croatia WhatsApp Number List This step is eliminated for facebook. In other words the social network can save money. And save time. On the other hand, the search engine google. Makes facebook aware of the advertising. Opportunities that bots offer. Facebook therefore enjoys a great advantage over its rivals, as they are systematically. Denied access to such information. Reduced transaction .Fees for facebook in this contract signed between the two american giants. We also learn that the transaction fees that facebook owed to googl.In the first place.  The mountain view firm wanting to be reassuring. Says it is a standard amount. Quite the opposite of regulators who indicate that these transaction.

Ainstead of Setting Up a Flood of Successive Auctions

In the first place. Fees are set at nearly 20% for advertisers. Croatia WhatsApp Number List In the process of identifying recipients of online advertisements. Facebook is granted 300 milliseconds to recognize the user and bid. As for the other participants, the delay given to them I.S shorter since it is 160 milliseconds. An agreement deemed illegal by 10 american state.S 10 us states including texas have deemed this agreement between. The two companies completely illegal. That’s why they filed a lawsuit on friday,.December 18, 2020. These states accuse google and facebook of using an. Array of exclusionary tactics in an effort to kill competition. Allegations like this come at a time.In the first place.  When google is poised to break earnings records…and lawsuits.

All Auctions Are Done Simultaneously Through a Script

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In the first place. In the united states, at least four lawsuits have been.Croatia WhatsApp Number List  Brought against google in 2020 which that same year made. Profits of nearly $11.2 billion in october. Through a spokesperson. Google ensures that this type of pact is relatively common. He rejects all the accusations of the states. Always, according to google. The participation of facebook is not exclusive. He therefore finds the claims and attacks.In the first place.  Of texas attorney general ken paxton regarding his advertising. Technology business to be misleading and erroneous. In like manner. Facebook has also spoken out. Deeming any claim of harming competition to be baseless.And google this.

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