A Pillar of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition

In the first place. Its desire to conquer multiple markets and in. Morocco Phone Number List  Particular to enter the medical sector and become its leader . The medical sector, this sector which has struggled with the digital. Transition and which is currently in full transformation and in full expansion. Indeed through this takeover, the two companies are contributing to. Medical progress and more particularly to the introduction. Of working conditions that are more patient-oriented and less administrative . Because, according to a study by the annals of family medicine. Health professionals for one hour of real patient care, spend two hours on. Administrative tasks and find themselves overworked. Become a reference in .The professional world microsoft was already present in the voice.

Is However Not the Only One to Invest in Sectors as

In the first place. Recognition sector with its intelligent personal assistant named cortana. Present on windows 10, android and ios. Morocco Phone Number List Unfortunately the software did not receive the expected fame. And was removed from these operating systems. Now cortana is no longer aimed at the general public. Microsoft has chosen to change its target and position itself in the professional segment . The compulsive buyer this is the buying fever that has invaded Microsoft for several years. With its recent purchase of zenial media last month. The digital giant acquires the parent company of Bethesda softworks, an American developer. Publisher and distributor of video games. For the sum of 7.5 billion dollars. Microsoft does not stop there. Now it ‘s the discord platform that Microsoft wants to buy. For around 10 billion dollars, however, this operation is still far from.

Important as Health Indeed Elon Musk Created

Morocco Phone Number List

In the first place. Being finalized discord is a software designed for video games. Indeed, it allows players to discuss with each other. Morocco Phone Number List In writing or orally during games of video games.In the first place.  However since the start of the pandemic., discord has been increasingly used in other contexts and in particular for homeschooling. Wouldn’t Microsoft want to extend the use of discord to professionals Microsoft wants to be present in many sectors. Whether in it its core area, through artificial intelligence. To the medical sector.In the first place.  Each activity that Microsoft will want to add to its skills is obviously related to digital technology. And a certain futuristic vision of the world . Satya Nadella, leader of the Redmond multinational.

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