A Year Marked By The Seal Of The Pandemic

They see Black Friday as a unique opportunity to sell off their unsold stock for the current year. And as far as consumers are concerned, this global shopping event. Which takes place at the end of November represents a boon to buy Christmas gifts at attractive prices. In this guide, we’ll see how best to approach Black Friday, in a year like no other. So that your e-commerce can fill up with customers and take full advantage of this unique shopping day before the end of the holidays.  There is no doubt that Black Friday will be completely different for merchants this year. With social distancing measures and concerns about COVID-19, a big drop in footfall at physical outlets is expected.

All the stores on French territory should experience a drop in pedestrian traffic compared to previous years. Guess who might benefit. This is of course e-commerce . However, all merchants and brands that already have online sales channels. And there are more and more of them – can do well if they follow the right strategies. So let’s see how your online business is going to make the most of Black Friday 2020. Get ready as soon as possible! Despite the COVID-19 situation. Most people are still eager to shop this holiday season. But experts predict that the majority of them will start shopping. Before the fateful date of Friday, November 27, and will do so online.



 A Recent Study In The Usa Revealed That This Year

More than 30% of Americans intend to finish their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. While 27% plan to do so between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday”, i.e. the weekend following. Thanksgiving and Black Friday. And surprisingly, only 17% of consumers think they are shopping on the same day as Black Friday. Certainly, we cannot compare the impact of Black Friday in the USA with what will happen in France. This event is still far from being Lithuania Phone Number List  in our country and the information given above is therefore only of relative value. Still, if you work in online sales, you’d do well to pay attention to these numbers, because Christmas is likely to have a few common characteristics. We obviously think of online shopping done in advance. In short, you could consider Black Friday as a dress rehearsal before the big end-of-year celebrations.

Boost your online sales system It is undeniable that most consumers will prefer to shop online this year. More than in previous years, to avoid crowds and exposure to COVID-19. Thus, all the general managers of the large retail groups expect that the vast majority of the famous “deals” (read: promotions/bargains) of Black Friday will take place online this year, so that physical stores can maintain the security protocols they have in place. Therefore, you will need to implement a compelling digital sales strategy, following the steps below. Make sure your site can handle the expected extra traffic According to a business development consultant at AccountsPortal, USA, “Online retailers need to be ready to scale in order to handle the spike in traffic and sales before, during and after Black Friday.”



This Must Be Prepared Weeks Or Even Months Before The Big Event

Which in this case takes place on November 27 this year. But this reflection is obviously valid for Christmas. If you haven’t already, perform a stress test on your e-commerce site. You’ll need to assess the speed, performance, and reliability of your online store, then find ways to reduce load times without compromising the quality of the user experience. Literally every second counts. Industry data shows that a one-second delay in web page load time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions. Here is other data of the same type that will certainly make you think about the “performance” aspect of e-commerce: 64% of mobile phone users expect a page to load in less than 4 seconds. 47% of customers expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds.

79% of customers who say they are not satisfied with the performance of an online sales site are less inclined to repeat a purchase on this same site. One second of delay in loading a web page is equivalent to 11% loss of “viewers” for this same page. If your online sales site earns 100,000 euros per day in turnover, it is estimated that one second of improvement in loading speed can bring in around 7,000 euros daily. Take care of your natural referencing (SEO) Want customers to easily find your products and offers online? A good tactic to achieve this is to strengthen the presence and visibility of your online sales site in the pages of the Google search engine. Arrange to create pages specifically designed to attract organic traffic. According to Daniel Lee, an American digital marketing expert, one of the most cost-effective ways to attract customers this.

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