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The digitization of the real estate professions .Jamaica Phone Number List Goes through clubhouse digital is an integral part of our current society. It therefore goes without saying that many sectors and companies. Are positioning themselves on this tool , all the more so since the start of the .Global pandemic which is paralyzing exchanges of all kinds. The real estate sector and in particular the weloge. Company has chosen to use digital and particularly social networks to maintain the link with their customers. Their partners and their future. Partners and to promote the development of their activities. We loge what is it weloge. Is a mares liaise startup created in 2019 .Y Dominique de saint Laurent described  as .

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“Real estate fairy in Marseille” by my sweet’immo . Jamaica Phone Number List This startup is based on supporting and helping customers. In their projects to sell and buy real estate . The services offered by we loge go through .Home-staging, the design of an architect’s plan. Assistance with small diy projects, the production of work estimates .Or even professional photo shootings to showcase the properties. What is the interest of we loge to use clubhouse. The new instant chat social network first let’s talk about clubhouse. Clubhouse is a mobile application available on iOS. Developed by paul Davison and Rohan seth.

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In the first place. Allowing you to chat with others through. Private virtual rooms by invitation . This American social network is based exclusively .On the audio exchange concerning different themes such as ar. Sport, politics, well-being technology etc. We loge powered. By digital the founder of we loge. Dominique de saint Laurent. Explains that the use of digital was obvious for her company. Jamaica Phone Number List Indeed it saves time at all levels with regard .To the very activities of the startup. From the visit to the signature, everything.In the first place.  Is dematerialized to ensure a certain ease whether for the real.Jamaica Phone Number List  Estate partner or the individual. Artificial intelligence also has its place. As it is used to design landscaped spaces to allow customers. To project themselves into real estate.

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