Add Content To An Instagram Guide

Guide for publications If you select the “Posts” option, you can choose from posts from your own Instagram profile or posts saved from other accounts. Set your sights on the posts you want to include from the “Your Posts” or “Saved” tabs. If you want to share other people’s content on your Instagram guide, you’ll need to save their Greece Phone Number List  first, using the “bookmark” icon to add them to your Instagram saved content. You can choose up to 30 posts to share on a single Guide. 3- Format an Instagram Guide Once you have selected the content for your Guide, click “Next”, and you will be taken to the layout page to configure the details of your Guide. You will need to add a title for each Instagram Guide.

You can add additional description in the “What is this guide about?” section. if you want to provide more detail and context beyond the title. You also have the option to change your Guide’s cover photo, which you’ll probably want to do. Most Instagram posts are formatted in a 1:1 square aspect ratio, but the Guide cover supports a 3:4 aspect ratio portrait size that crops your image accordingly. So you can tap on “Change cover photo” and choose any image from your feed. Next, you’ll need to assign a title to each article in your guide. The Guide doesn’t currently offer a feature that would allow you to extract captions or information from the original post, so you’ll need to type in a title or even an optional description for the posts you go to. import.


Format An Instagram Guide

If at this point you want to add more posts to your Guide, tap “+ Add posts” at the bottom of the formatting page. If you want to rearrange or delete posts in your Instagram guide, click the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the individual guide post. Choose “Remove from Guide” to delete this individual message. Or click “Reorder Posts” to move to the next screen where you can drag and reorder the various posts in any order you like. Once you have formatted your Instagram Guide and posts, click “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen to proceed to the next step. 4- Publish an Instagram Guide From the ‘Share’ screen, you can preview your guide by clicking ‘Preview’, located below the cover image.

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If you’re ready to publish your guide, tap “Share.” You can also tap “Save as Draft” for the option to come back to it and edit it later. Once you click “Share” (or Save as Draft) on your first Instagram Guide, you’ll see a “Guide” icon — which looks like an open journal — appear on your profile. Once your Guide is published, others will be able to view and share it. 5- Share and promote your Instagram guide That’s it, your Instagram Guide is shareable! You can share it in your Stories or via a direct message (DM) on Instagram. And anyone who views your guide can share it too. To share a Guide (yours or someone else’s), tap the “Share” icon in the top right corner. In the context menu, you will have the option to share it with a Story or send it via a DM.

Share And Promote Your Instagram Guide

You may want to promote your new Guide by sharing it in your Instagram Stories to let people know about the content of your Guide and encourage them to check it out for tips, resources, information, details, etc. Today, on social networks, the main thing is to let people know that the information is there for them. Conclusion Whether you’re creating Instagram Guides as catalogs of your products, showcasing your business location through UGC, or providing educational tips and posts to your audience, there are plenty of creative ways to use this new feature for you and your subscribers. This new feature could be very useful for influencers as a marketing tool, in order to introduce partner brands to all of their fans.

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