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Agile Day To Join Over ten thousand workers and 175 companies – of any size. From multinationals to professional firms, for a total of over 500 offices and branches throughout. The metropolitan area and beyond – yesterday join. The third day of agile work promoted by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone  Municipality of Milan. With this year’s edition, the involvement of companies has grown exponentially in 2014. They had joined 104 and in 2015 there were 149. The direct participation of workers also increased significantly. From 5,681 in 2014 to 8,175 in 2015 up to overcoming this’ year quota 10 thousand. 44 freelancers have decided to share a workstation alongside 2 public administration employees.

Agile Day To Join  More Than Ten

But it does not end here, because the first data, which Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone arrive today in the final balance. Say that the initiative has also had a strong echo on social channels.  The hashtag with over 2 thousand “chirps” was one of the first five Italian. Trending topics throughout the day and dozens of “agile” posts were published on Facebook. The first results coming from the agile work day are really interesting and underline how Smart Working is a phenomenon that has reached levels of diffusion and media attention in Italy that are difficult to hope for only a few years ago, probably also thanks to the bill linked to the law of stability », comments Emanuel Madding, Associate Partner of Particularization. If on the one hand these initiatives help to raise awareness among workers on the issue of Smart Working.

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The reference to working from home stimulates interest. Curiosity – emphasizes Madini -, but risks making the debate remain superficial, producing a“ fashion ”effect destined to vanish over time or worse to turn into disillusionment. Smart Working is much more .  Starting Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone from this assumption, there are no limits to the ability to imagine possible areas of implementation with the possibility of ranging from projects to redefine channels and methods ofCustomer Interaction both physical and virtual up to the challenge linked to Smart Manufacturing.

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