Agreement Between Euhrnet

The distribution agreement for JP Analytics services was sign in January 2017 between the. Ethernet business network. Job Value , the company specialized in. The management of remuneration information. Market benchmarks for Italian personnel. Which with its Job Pricing Observatory is the point. Personnel administration outsourcing services companies. Who want to offer customers a personalized service with added value.

The JP Analytics Consulting Services

“The idea is to involve in the Iceland Phone Number project also interlocutors who by their nature have an authoritative. Daily administrative relationship with their customers – says Federico Ferris. Economically accessible way even to medium. Which often do not even consider the opportunity to compare. Their choices in terms of employee remuneration with the market. Who do not feel adequately remunerated. Even of offering excessive remuneration packages without having the useful information. To objectively evaluate requests.

 Iceland Phone Number

Merman Mini Chilies, President of President of Ethernet. Declares: “I think it is interesting to be able to offer value-added services. Which contribute to the determination of a recruitment with greater awareness. Involving structures like ours from the beginning. In the preparation of administrative procedures.

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