Amazon Site Abandon Their Search After The First Page Of Results

You can admire through the screen of your mobile or tablet a model presenting outfits in rapid succession, each of which can be purchased. This is already the case on the Douyin application, which, remember, is the Chinese version of TikTok. You can therefore admire on Douyin influencers and influencers who are fashion specialists who are able to present several different outfits in a single 15-second video. Shopping this way is fun and original, more so than clicking pictures. Discovery of new products in action Almost ¾ of Internet users who visit the Amazon site abandon their search after the first page of results. This is partly due to the classic presentation offered by the e-commerce platform, in the form of homogenized product lists, with a photo, title, price, ranking, etc. This is the reign of the famous product sheet. It is certainly effective and simple, but quite daunting.

This type of routine format is designed for research, but not for new product discovery. It is obvious that sales on Amazon are linked to SEO, while other interesting aspects like novelty or innovation are neglected. On Chinese video platforms like Douyin or Kwai, on the other hand, everything is about discovery. Here, what matters to reach people is to be entertaining. We can cite the example of a protective screen brand for mobile phones which made a video that went viral. We see these glass plates, at the exit of the production line inside the factory. And then suddenly, an employee uses one of these screens, which looks like a small rectangle of glass, to pierce a tin can. He performs this gesture so easily that it is impressive.


This Way Of Diverting The Use Of An Object Greatly Amuses Internet Users

And indisputably proves the quality of the product. Highlight the person behind the product Contrary to what most of us think, in the era of standardization, automation. And large-scale production, the market for artisanal products has never been better! While most crafting platforms around the world rely heavily on text and photos. Video now Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List  as a much more interesting format. The video format not only showcases the craftsmanship. And craftsmanship behind the product. But also provides customers with the opportunity to interact with the creators. Let’s take the outstanding example of a Chinese craftsman, manufacturer of traditional paper umbrellas which he exports to Japan.

Throughout his life, he lived on very modest incomes, but from the day he unveiled his manufacturing method on his Douyin account, his sales exploded! He earned no less than $15,000 in his first month on the video-sharing platform and now has over 800,000 subscribers. The “unboxing” phenomenon Unboxing, which is simply unboxing a product that you have ordered and filming yourself, has become a huge thing on YouTube. This type of content generates incredible excitement from internet users, as it manages to capture the authentic first impressions of a user seeing their order for the first time. It can range from any object like a toiletry bag, to more spectacular or luxurious products like a nice car. Unpacking a product live and giving your opinion is still something other than a classic customer opinion. Extra-short tutorials Tutorials have become essential, especially in the field of beauty.



As Evidenced By The Chinese Platforms We Have Mentioned

But these types of instructional videos can also be a useful tool for creators of all kinds. We have in mind the example of a Chinese artist-photographer who films the way he works to publish short tutorials, these being used to promote his photography books. In these brief videos, he teaches his followers some simple techniques and tips for taking great photos with their smartphones. Instead of displaying his product (a book of photographs), the artist decided to highlight the creative aspect of his work by sharing the design of his photos. This type of videotutorial cannot leave anyone indifferent. The future of e-commerce will indeed go through video You have therefore understood: it is by creating inspiring and attractive video content that you will succeed in breathing new life into your marketing campaigns.

Taobao, Kwai and Douyin video applications present a compelling alternative to monetize content. Sell products and directly reach an audience without limits. When designing your videos, always try to think outside the box, and don’t be shy. There are countless video creation tools available, and you already know all the most popular platforms to distribute your works. TikTok , Snapchat , Instagram , YouTube , etc. Grow My Store. Google recommendations for your e-commerce. Have you ever wondered how your e-commerce site performs compared to competing e-stores? Well, Google will be able to provide you with some answers. Thanks to its new website analysis tool called “Grow My Store”.

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