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And it is that when observing social networks. it can be immediately detected that brands seek to join trends in any way. which is sometimes so repetitive that it is not successful. This is the case of the following three brands that get on the Iran vs Spain trend by promoting their food for the match. simply with that message and asking the followers to give their prediction of the match.  The reporter Julieth González Therán was in the city of Saransk to broadcast the reactions of the fans before the Colombia-Japan match. when she was attacked. Sexual harassment has been the subject of various advertising campaigns in the world. in favor of making men and women aware of this.

However. the efforts do not seem sufficient. especially among journalists. who in the midst of carrying out their work. suffer abuses. as in the case of the sexual assault of a  Colombian reporter . Julieth González Therán  was in the city of Saransk to broadcast the reactions of the fans before the Colombia-Japan match . when in full broadcast live for the news channel in Spanish of the German chain Deutsche Welle.  she was harassed by a man. The fan approached her from her left side. grabbed her firmly with both arms and kissed her cheek without her consent and  touched one of her breasts . How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working remotely “I’ll tell you what happened to me. so you don’t go around saying stupid things. I was groped several times while I was in frame.

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Several! Thank you for your unsolicited opinion.” The World Cup begins and our reporter  is too close to the fans in the heart of Moscow. The reporter  ended the connection and later denounced the incident through her social networks: “ RESPECT! We don’t deserve this treatment. We are equally valuable and professional. I share the joy of football. But we must identify the limits of affection and harassment. The international press has shown its support for the Colombian press and. Requested regulations to protect reporters from this type of aggression. This recalls the case of Fox reporter  María Fernanda Mora . Who  was doing a live broadcast for Chivas’ victory in the. Concacaf final against Toronto. when fans of the team behind her groped her.


The journalist’s reaction was to hit the one behind her. after several touches. The publications in this regard were immediate and one of them lessened the situation. indicating that the character behind had only gotten El salvador whatsapp number list very close. but María Fernanda Mora explained: Both cases are added to that of  Marina Lorenzo . a French journalist from Canal +. who shouted “don’t touch me” to Barcelona fans during the recording of a report before the Copa del Rey final between Sevilla and Barcelona. With the knowledge of this type of cases and the promotion of raising awareness about it. A first step is taken so that fans in the world reject these actions. which are not funny. Cristiano Ronaldo made history by becoming Portugal’s top scorer. scoring in four World Cups. among other achievements.

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However. in social networks there is talk of the celebrations supposedly dedicated to Messi This Wednesday the Portuguese striker. Cristiano Ronaldo. signed a new outstanding performance after scoring the goal. With which his team beat Morocco in a duel corresponding to the. Second day of group B in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. With the goal scored. Cristiano Ronaldo became the top scorer for his country with 85 goals. one ahead of Ferenc Puskás; in addition to the fact that. so far. he leads the competition for the golden boot with all four goals; even. another personal record is marked. since in all his participations in world championships (four) he has scored a goal. And yet. what is being talked about on social networks is his celebration.

El salvador whatsapp number list

Which raised rumors about a new dedication to Messi. Who on the eve of the World Cup. In an interview for an American magazine. Referred to him with the nickname of GOAT . goat in English. which is an acronym for. Great of all times (the best in all history). In this way it is like the discussion. That has been going on for at least ten years about which of the players is the best of the. Current times; since Diego Armando Maradona and. Pelé compete for the place of the best in history. It is still in force. and it seems that the Portuguese did not feel. Good that his staunch rival received that nickname. So he has left a record on the pitch that he is at the level of the. Argentine or that he surpasses him.

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