Android Alternative Search Engines Announced by Google

Droid alternative search engines announced by. Nepal Phone Number Google last august, google announced the. Change it was going to make regarding search engines on android. This decision followed the record fine of five billion .Dollars imposed by the european commission in july 2018. The auctions are recorded, and the results are surprising. Your digital agency reveals the .Details of this android novelty. A historic penalty five billion dollars! The mountain view firm had been. Sanctioned with a colossal sum for abuse of a dominant position. We can say that the fine received by google was the trigger for this new distribution of. Default search engines on android. From now on, the user will have th.E choice for his search engine.

According to the Country Bing

When starting the android operating systems. He will have to choose from the search engines . Nepal Phone Number Selected in his country. Regarding the selection of search engines the three best. Offers for each european country are chosen. The offer represents the amount that search. Engines are willing to put up each time a user chooses. Them as their default engine. Thus the three designated suppliers will position .Themselves alongside google, which will of course be displayed for. The android operating systems of all European countries. Choice of search engine for android source Duckduckgo and info.Com big winners the results have fallen in recent days. And they are to say the least very surprising.

Won Only One Albeit Very Notable Auction

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In the first place. We mentioned this subject at the time. Of Google’s announcement last august . Nepal Phone Number And the predictions leaned mainly towards the bi.G search engines, Google’s competitors. In the first place. For once we could expect an overwhelming. Majority of auctions won by bing and yahoo. Being the two most serious competitors to the subsidiary of the company alphabet. Not at all ! It is duckduckgo.Nepal Phone Number The search engine “Which does not spy on you”, which has undoubtedly positioned .Itself throughout europe , alongside info.Com (ex-infospace. In the first place. Which will also be displayed in the start-up of. Systems android from all european countries. As for the third option it differs .

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