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A VoloMetrix study outlines how easy it is for a company with 20,000 employees to waste $ 300 million on wasted meetings. Yet another study claims that companies lose $ 37 billion annually in unproductive meetings.Companies lose $ 37 billion annually in unproductive meetings via ResearchDigest. Click to tweet “Of course, it’s a big business,” you say. “We Color Correction Service are in the content marketing niche.”TRUE. But that doesn’t mean we’re clear. Something mundane, like a weekly strategy session, can do real damage.Let’s take a quick look at a fictitious example to see how this applies to the realm of content marketing.Carefully Selected Related Content: 7 Things You Need to Color Correction Service Have a Productive (and Happy) Content Marketing Team When bad things happen to a good content marketing meetingAdam is an excellent senior content specialist.

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He is smart, talented and full of big ideas.It’s Thursday at 2:30 pm. Adam is working on a new campaign all week long. He spent hours exploring potential projects, brainstorming, and scoping. Now it’s time to share your ideas with the three content marketing teams via video conference. Thirty minutes after the meeting, everyone attended and Color Correction Service shared responsibilities. By Monday morning, a new initiative is in full swing and everyone is spending their most productive time preparing for the launch.If the average team member earns $ 100 an hour of wages and allowances, the cost of a 30-minute meeting on Thursday will be $ 150.Next, compare Adam’s story with Molly, who identified the need for an initiative to re-engage with the lost lead.

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She also works in a team of three whose members earn the same wages and benefits as Adam’s group. Molly hasn’t done any research yet and prefers to wait and discuss her mid-form ideas with two colleagues in this week’s strategy session. She is one of three ideas to discuss and takes an Color Correction Service hour. After that, a series of follow-up emails and group chats will turn a one-hour meeting into a nine-hour cumulative task. Therefore, the total cost of Molly’s meeting is $ 900, which is 500% higher than Adam’s 30-minute meeting and zero-related email chain.

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