Aquafil Personnel Management

Aquafil , an Italian pocket-sized multinational  specializ in the production of zero-impact synthetic fibers for carpets and clothing, chooses a technological platform for the global management of its human resources. With a turnover of 507 million euros, 15 plants in the world, headquarters in Arco di Trento and 2,791 employees between the United States and Thailand, passing through Scotland, Croatia and Germany, after a rapid growth concentrated on the core business.

Aquafil Personnel Management In The Cloud

We have grown a lot in recent years, we have changed Lithuania Phone Number our skin compared to. The initial reality of the owner company. For about 5 years we have embarked on a governance path the aim of which is to create central responsibility for human resources  as well as the adoption of a shared HR language rules and policies . But beyond the practical objectives, as in all projects, it is the transformation inherent in it that is fundamental, which gives value. Technology is only an enabling factor ”, comments Paolo Zanada, CIO of Aquafil .

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Within the year the Group will have a common data model worldwide a Global Template with all the. Information relating to the workforce distributed in the various geographies. An information flow that will go from costs to the potential. Performance of human capital and which will be governed centrally. The platform – Sap Success Factors – is in fact multilingual and multi-currency. Is an integrated system that displays all the processes relating to personnel management on a management dashboard. Both those of an administrative nature and those related to development. The so-call talent management »(Recruiting, learning, compensation, performance).

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