Artificial Intelligence, a Lever for the Digitization

The use of artificial intelligence.Portugal Phone Number List  Indeed they lack training and skills on this subject. Which causes some hesitation and a lack of confidence in ai . In like manner. The profession of chartered accountant is therefore tending to become more. Of a strategic advisor by digitizing the entire process of processing accounting data for companies. This transformation modernizes the profession and. Puts an end to the cliché of the bespectacled accountant constantly typing on his calculator. In like manner. From now on, the chartered accountant is really. An expert consultant in business management. Childhood obesity the major problem. Is childhood obesity. Especially because of kids unboxing food.First, second, third.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence Indeed They Lack

In the first place. Advertisements targeting children. Portugal Phone Number List However, eating habits are forged very young and. Half of the brands consumed during childhood are part. Of the daily life of adults . It is therefore important to understand that the influence. Of digital content is reflected in the daily diet of children. And that should be protected against these risks. Ways to protect children legislating to protect children. In terms of the law protecting children from the influence of advertising. In the first place. France is far behind countries such as ireland where advertising. Is prohibited in television programs for children, or such as greece. Where it is prohibited to promote toys.

Training and Skills on This Subject Which Causes

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In the first place. Or even canada and sweden, which prohibit all advertising .Aimed at children under 13. In france, no law protects children from. Exposure to advertisements .As a matter of fact. Portugal Phone Number List  Educate in digital culture insofar as no law regulates advertising .For children and to deal with this rise in power of these communications. The solution would then be education . In the first place. This strategy would aim .To make the child aware that all these advertisements are.In the first place.  Created precisely to influence their behavior. Therefore through pla recognize what is the present product.In the first place. Portugal Phone Number List  What is the tone,the emotions felt the hidden messages etc. All this, in order to teach the child that the stake behind .Advertisements is obviously.In the first place.  to sell him the product . At least.

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