Artificial Intelligence Microsoft Buys the American Nuance

Speech recognition microsoft buys nuance for nearly.Malta Phone Number List  $20 billion it’s done! This april 122021 .Microsoft announces that it has entered into a definitive agreement with nuance communications . Indeed, Microsoft has bought for nearly 19.7 billion dollars or $56 per share.The multinational nuance communications. Which specializes in artificial intelligence. This acquisition represents the second most. Expensive acquisition in the history of the computer giant.After that of linkedin, for 26.2 billion dollars in 2016. Nuance a giant in its sector founded in 1994, nuance communications is based in burlington. Near boston Massachusetts. This firm specializes in the creation of. Voice and optical recognition.

Remotely. The Conquest of New Sectors for

Software office imaging solutions and medical transcription systems . With revenues of . Malta Phone Number List  billion and 100 employees in 2020. Nuance communications is the market leader in healthcare software. A pillar of artificial intelligence and voice recognition. It was in the mid-1990s that nuance invented its first voice recognition system.Dragon naturallyspeaking. Since then the multinational has continued to offer. Ever more innovative ai technologies . It was in the 2010s that she was most noticed. By collaborating with apple to create the world-famous voice .Assistant, siri . After this revolution, nuance focused more specifically. On the creation of software using artificial intelligence. For the medical sector by publishing .

Microsoft With This Company Takeover, Microsoft Confirms

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In the first place. Medical transcription software or. Malta Phone Number List Online solutions for hospitals and doctors. In the first place. Previous collaborations in 2019, microsoft and nuance had already met to further improve nuance’s dragon medical technology . Indeed, this partnership will bring together cutting-edge. Technologies from both companies to enable ambient clinical documentation. Called dragon ambient experience (dax), in order to relieve the medical sector of the administrative paperwork overload through voice recognition technologies and data sharing clouds.In the first place. Malta Phone Number List  Then in 2020 with the massive arrival of. Remote medical consultations due to the global covid-19 pandemic, microsoft will once again. Collaborate with nuance to add its dax technology to the teams teleconferencing service.In the first place. And help healthcare personnel to transcribe medical conversations.

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