As You Can Imagine, This Attribution Model Offered By Facebook

And in particular this generous 28-day period provided some interesting insights into analytics for marketers in regards to their target audiences, or simply to e-commerce managers who were at the forefront of web marketing optimization. But as you know, now things have changed. What does this change in the attribution model decided by Facebook mean? As a reminder, on September 28, Facebook announced that it was removing the 28-day attribution option effective October 12, 2020. All accounts will revert to the default 7-day attribution setting. Traditionally, Facebook reported conversions attributed to advertising that occurred within 28 days of the click or the day of the view (not the click) of your ad. This has long been a rather mysterious, if not controversial, conversion attribution method. And it was also often a surprise to new advertisers who assumed Facebook only flagged people who clicked and converted immediately.

But it seems that the collection and communication. Of this information will become increasingly difficult for political reasons. Of confidentiality and privacy required by browsers. Because, honestly, we are all wondering. Why Facebook would want to complicate the lives of many of its customers by limiting the measurement of their web marketing performance. It is in the interest of the social media platform and its advertisers to provide them with the most effective measurement tools possible. So, as mentioned, Facebook was forced to revise the length of its attribution window, perhaps under pressure from outside the company.



The Announcement Made By Facebook To Explain This Change

Some pundits in California’s tech microcosm say Facebook’s abrupt announcement is the result of Apple’s equally sudden release of its new iOS14 operating system for iPhone. Announced by Apple on September 15, it was sent to users of the brand as an update the next day, much to the chagrin of many iOS developers. As these experts suggest, all Belarus Phone Numbers List  since the iOS14 update must include and implement WebKit’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP ) mechanisms on iPhone and iPad, in which first-party cookie deletion is programmed after seven days. Webkit is the core technology behind the operation of Apple’s browser, Safari. And already in February 2018, Apple announced its intention to delete all first-party Webkit cookies after seven days.

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Facebook said the “Ads Insights” API, the interface through which advertisers and third-party tool providers access campaign reports, will continue to make the 28-day window option available “  as a workaround. ” temporary until the changes take effect  ” (October 12, 2020, as a reminder). How will this change impact the way you advertise on Facebook? If you were using standard attribution settings for Facebook, your settings would default to 28-day attribution. However, as soon as the 7-day attribution window was implement (October 12, 2020!), you normally lost access to all historical attribution data for a period of 28 days. The overriding question is succinct: have you taken steps to upload all relevant customer data related to the 28-day attribution model?



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Obviously, many advertisers did not learn of these changes in time, and did not have time to react. We imagine valuable marketing insights. Additionally, all automate rules relying on a 28-day attribution should have been update as soon as possible after Facebook’s announcement. Think, for example, of all the rules governing your spending and budget based on 28-day performance. They are automatically retain, as is, when switching to the 7-day model. This can impact your ad spend, especially if your business uses Facebook Ads extensively. Therefore, if you haven’t already, we highly recommend reviewing all of your Facebook campaign automation. And by way of conclusion, we can only suggest that you pay attention to all the next initiatives. Or updates made by Facebook at the end of 2020, and in the future.

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