Automation And Artificial Intelligence

European workers are optimistic about the impact that new technologies will have on their company and on the quality of work. A Ricoh research – the multinational specialized in solutions for document management and production printing, IT Service and systems for visual communication – confirms the data presented in Davos : 95% of the sample interviewed by the Coleman Parkes Research Institute declared that transformation digital, automation and artificial intelligence this year will already bring economic benefits to companies and, for 59%, better positioning on the market.In particular, of the 2 thousand workers in about twenty countries, the most confident are those in the financial sector, among the first to have changed their skin thanks to the strong innovation of business processes and services to the public.

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They are followed by Canada Phone Number industry, services and retail, convinced by over 60% that their organization is ready to face and benefit from change, while they are more cautious in the public and healthcare sectors, where this year is expected more an impact on corporate culture and the way of working than on economic results. In general, however, we are betting on the potential of IT to manage the now inevitable change (60%). 91% know that the way they work will change this year; 66% consider leaders ready to manage and lead the ongoing revolution and 42% expect technologies will allow them to do their jobs better. Thanks to artificial intelligence and automation.  While digital transformation will favor more flexible. Collaborative forms of work.

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Changes established, both in the launch. Implementation phase. In practice a greater communication of the meaning of certain choices and then follow their development in progress. As emerged from the annual Assochange survey, less distance between the top management. The workers with a more punctual and constant communication of the projects. Would have a positive impact on their own level of engagement. Given that they are in any case call to take charge of the change.


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