Based in Germany Metager Is a Popular Alternative Search

And dozens of links. Egypt WhatsApp Number List Likewise it offers several other services. Including maps news and cloud storage. Yahoo search founded by two . Stanford university students in 199. Yahoo was initially just a web directory . It has grown over the years and is now the third. Largest search engine in the world. It partnered with microsoft to optimize its results. Which allowed it to use bing search results. Besides a portal it offers other services including web hosting and email. Also, while yahoo finance and yahoo answers present. You with information on several topics, yahoo search offers excellent results for images. It is available in 38 languages ​​and is particularly. Suitable for searches related to news, finance and sports.

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Duckduckgo founded in 2006 by an . Egypt WhatsApp Number List American entrepreneur, this search engine was designed. To protect the privacy of its users and does not spy on them. Officially launched in 2008. It reached its first million searches per day in 2012 . It has over 377 million searches per day and is ranked 7th in global market share. With its instant answers feature, you can easily find music films. Biographies or even culinary recipes. Similarly, bang another feature of duckduckgo takes. You directly to other platforms like wikipedia, amazon or ebay. However, although it does not log its users’ data and protects their privacy.You are not immune to surveillance by intelligence services. Qwant like duckduckgo, the french.

Other Engine Emits Nearly 7g of Co2 According

Egypt WhatsApp Number List

Search engine qwant protects your privacy. After a first launch in 2013 , it has been finalized and continues to grow. Apart from the images, news and videos offered by this search engine, you will also find various options: social media, music, car, health, employment, etc. It is also available in lite version allowing a better exploitation. Likewise, it brings together several features. For example, qwant music provides search for albums, artists and titles. Egypt WhatsApp Number List With qwant maps existing in beta version, you obtain reliable cartographic information with always the preservation of your data. This french search engine intends to launch soon qwant science and qwant med relating respectively to science and medicine. Ecosia the ecosia search engine is designed primarily to answer a specific problem.

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