Being An Entrepreneur In

Entrepreneurs in a nutshell. Millennial the Being An Entrepreneur In Honduras Phone Number young people who are now entering the world of work, have already understood everything. Work is now flexible, there are no more guarantees, it is better to do something than do nothing, and you don’t have to be special to start a business, thanks to the enormous possibilities of digital. In fact, companies founded by the under 35s are increasing: more than 300 per day in the second quarter of 2015 (+ 3.6% compared to the previous quarter and + 0.6% compared to the overall business system), for a total of almost 32 thousand new entrepreneurial activities.

Being An Entrepreneur In He Digital Age

A third of all those started in the quarter belong to Honduras Phone Number a young person. And young people are responsible for more than half  of the balance between those born and terminated in the period. And the desire for business is transversal to the territories, because even in the South 40.6% of those in the last quarter is attributable to a young person. It is part of the portrait of the Censis “Life of Millennials” research : web, new media, startups and much more. New subjects of the Italian recovery to the test ”, created for the Italian Pavilion of Expo .

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The other part of the picture is million Millennials in lower-level jobs Honduras Phone Number than their qualifications . One million changed at least two jobs during the yearly million said they worked illegally. Million did odd jobs to earn some-thin million had contracts of less than a month. Million have done unpaid internships. In order to do so many are satisfi with jobs far from their training path even in black. More than 3.8 million work beyond formal hours. Have done so without overtime.

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