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The campaigns carried out on facebook .Bahrain Phone Number Ads turn out to be more productive .Than the simple publication boost. Having an advertising account allows. Among other thingsto have the possibility of doing ab testing. As its name suggests it is a method that consists of. Comparing two models of advertising campaigns. The purpose of the test is to measur.E the impact of a and b on the same sample of individuals. Its final objective is to choose which of the two versions I.S the best campaign to carry out. The “boost your post” option also does not. Benefit from the conversion pixel . Indeed it is only accessible.

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For the promotion of content. In terms of remarketing this technique offers the possibility. Bahrain Phone Number Of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns .Carried out by brands. Its main secret weapon. The use of personal data and information. Provided by fans of the page to be promoted. Thanks to the legendary cookies placed on users’ browsers.Facebook makes it possible to offe.R even more personalized offers. Content promotion also makes it possible to reach similar audiences and .Even sometimes to retarget people who have already had. Interactions with the page concerned. The limits of the facebook post booster.

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Even if it is easier to access. Bahrain Phone Number This famous boost does not take into account several parameters. Bahrain Phone Number However these would have been very useful. Especially when you want to reach .A well-defined category of people. It would have been wise for facebook to include. For example in its algorithm, functionalities making. It possible to better target the people to whom the boosted. Content is addressed. The performance indices (otherwise called kpis) are here.Still far too broad. It is difficult to draw conclusions from this. Facebook’s major tools for “Promoting content” like what, where the option.Boost your publication” stops the alternative .Promote content” takes over. The facebook ads feature provides many tools to create ads according to the different objectives. Among which we can cite the precise broadcast schedule. (to the nearest hour); the daily or global budget.

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