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Sending corporate emails from private email Kenya Phone Number  addresses is one of the most common. Traps you run into every day putting data security privacy  regulatory compliance at risk. Yet often we do not think about it thanks to the haste. Not always easy access to the office account from personal. Devices which on the other hand are the tools with which we are always connect. Available (3 out of 4 workers, according to a research Nielsen-Microsoft). In particular feel more productive using the mobile phone also for work reasons because. They manage to optimize transfer times more than half keep everything under control. Work and private life and retrieve the information they need in real time wherever they are.

Business Emails From Private Accounts

But these new habits made possible by the digital Kenya Phone Number revolution become dangerous and careless if business information is transmitted from unprotected accounts that are not subject to security procedures, with the risk of both legal and business implications. Barracuda Networks a leading provider of storage and security solutions in Cloud environments. Highlighted the main risks which can be avoid by applying strict security policies which. However must be justified and made understood while in general, there is still some resistance.

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A useful and practical solution is then to simplify Kenya Phone Number access to company e-mails through personal devices. Provide a corporate address also for external consultants and collaborators, at the risk of attacks and data visibility. In conclusion for Barracuda the IT departments of companies should take a proactive and strict attitude at the same time to maintain total control over the information flows that pass through e-mail.


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