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Ntent will be twice as likely to be read. Iceland Phone Number Some key examples of professionals who have adopted whatsapp in their sales strategy to inspire you, here are many examples which, by the figures recorded, will be able to prove to you the effectiveness of the whatsapp network. Iceland Phone Number Pringles with its famous “pringles campus” was a fine example of interactivity between a brand and its customers. Quizzes and challenges revolving around the marketing of the box: a very original way of recruiting the young creative profiles it needed. You guessed it, one-year employment contracts were at stake here. No less than 300,000 fans were delighted to participate. Pringles whatsapp campus the pringles campus 2013 poster organized by the brand on.

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Whatsapp. The essential coca-cola.Notably with its #shareacoke campaign. Iceland Phone Number The principle was that customers could on .This occasion put the first name of a loved one or their own for that matter. To share it with the contact of their directory of their choice. In barely 2 days. The brand had been able to register more than ,000 participants. Whatsapp marketing coke the coco-cola brand #shareacoke launched on whatsapp. Another case is that of toyota. Which made a real masterstroke .With the “hybrid-toi” campaign. 33,000 visits with 6,500 recorded in the first month. Finally, the chinese site wish which tracks orders from its buyers on whatsapp. This channel makes it easy to follow up with customers who have abandoned their cart on the site.Without finalizing it. To lure the customer the site generally offers discounts on the.

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Product(s) added to the basket by the customer. Iceland Phone Number A method that turns out to be very effective. Since in most cases the customer returns to the application to check the promotional offer offered to him. Tips for using whatsapp for business today. You benefit from the possibility of distributing your content to a new audience. Whatsapp’s setting is somewhat more intimate than t..He traditional mailbox. Most customers are much more receptive to it. Take advantage of this period of calm in the physical store. To perfect your methods of online communication. For this, instant messaging can play. A key role in your marketing strategy. Our agency specialized in the management .Of social networks proposes to accompany you in the.

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