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At the same time, the Change Management In other reasons that push companies Egypt Phone Number  to review technologies and approaches are the consolidation of the offices: 8.19% of the enterprise and 10% of the manufacturing companies report this. Another factor that leads us to foresee important changes in the organizational structure concerns the opening of new offices: for the enterprise 5.56% of the interviewees tell us while for manufacturing the percentage almost doubles, reaching 10%. In summary, companies grow or are distribut geographically. The working methods change, the volumes to be managed grow and it is necessary to review the spaces but also the ways of managing.

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The data center is proprietary in nearly all Egypt Phone Number industries The data center is confirm as the engine of the business. Another interesting insight that emerged from the research is that data centers are proprietary in the vast majority of organizations. It is 90% of manufacturing companies that have it at home almost on a par with 88.30% of the enterprise.

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Attention to costs and rationalization of consumption Egypt Phone Number pushes companies to use. A series of methodologies aimed at greater energy savings. For 68% of manufacturing companies, the main approach of reference points to consolidation. Virtualization while for the enterprise world this option is popular in 57% of cases. Another efficiency criterion concerns the energy monitoring of the equipment. Optioned by 19% of the enterprise and by 10.56% of manufacturing. The third method to reduce consumption is link. To the use of more sophisticated policies capable of taking into account the workload of. The machines by making more appropriate balances of resources

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