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These are just a few examples of a buyer’s current Senegal Phone Number  skills. What is happening today. what new skills are buyers acquiring. The Change Management Purchasing Department is asked to contribute. To the creation of company value by taking. A proactive role in identifying new solutions that ultimately increase the value for the end customer. This requires first of all a strong Senegal Phone Number analytical competence . Forecasting of demand also become fundamental activities. The ability to identify and implement innovation is an additional challenge. If in the past the Purchasing Department participated in the new product development process with the aim of anticipating the involvement of the supplier perspective, today it itself begins to promote new solutions for the final product, scouting for new suppliers and new technologies together with the Research and development.

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Furthermore, in the current context, it is necessary to manage Senegal Phone Number the risk towards the supply chain. The financial difficulties of some suppliers, price volatility, possible supply interruptions, for example, have a significant impact on the value that the company creates every day for its customers.Finally, for his work to be effective, the buyer must be able to interface with multiple players within the company – other functions – and outside it – suppliers and customers – in order to identify the most suitable solutions. For this purpose a strong communication and integration skills are necessary . These are some of the challenges that the new buyer is already undertaking in order to increase his ability to contribute to the creation of value for his business.

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Following the growing role of Purchasing in recent Senegal Phone Number decades. Some distinctive skills have been develop for those. Who deal with procurement in the company. In addition to the by now consolidated negotiation expertise. Which has gone much more towards integrative (win-win) negotiations rather than distribution (win-lose) negotiations. Buyers have Being A Buyer learned to develop partnership relationships with their suppliers . Investment analysis techniques for outsourcing evaluations are also part of a buyer’s current “toolbox”. Furthermore, the ability to “think globally”. Therefore manage an increasingly articulated supply chain at an international level has become indispensable .

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