Children: a New Target for Internet Advertisers Among

New internet users no less than 40% are under 13 years old. Constantly changing figures that generate new forms .Cayman Islands Phone Number Of marketing strategies among advertisers. Children are confronted earlier a.Nd earlier with the reality of the internet. At least that’s .The conclusion revealed by the recent study conducted by pwc on brands tha.T aim to reach children online without danger. Many platform.S are emerging for this purpose. Some are readapted for children’s use while others are even .Specially created to reach this new target of the youngest. Toddlers influenced influencers? With simple clicks. They have become one of the mai.

He Beginning of Adolescence

Gateways to their parents’ wallets. As a reminder in marketing, there is a technique that. Cayman Islands Phone Number Consists of placing a product intended for children at the very bottom of each shelf in a supermarket. This allows the child, even at a young age, to have access. To it without any need for the help of one of his parents. And this method based on an efficient layout of products.Works wonders. Sellers are seeing a marked increase in. The average household basket in part thanks to this. It is almost the same strategy that advertisers now use on the internet. The advertising content that is conveyed there is a real lure to capture the attention. Of children and encourage purchase. Many parents are often guided and even .

Parents Offer Them Mobile Phones

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Influenced by the whims of their children. Cayman Islands Phone Number In other words it is a question here of reaching. Parents through the channel of their connected children: this is the bet that .Online platforms are now launching. This makes young people a significant audience for advertisers. The latter thus strive to seduce their new target. But this is not without risks. Why is the child connection rate on the rise.Internet users screenshot of the 2019 connected kids study. Children have access to a connection terminal. Very regularly and generally well before adolescence. They play on the internet, watch programs adapted to their age.Go there to have fun.Communicate via the internet. s can start as early as 2 years old and continue until the child is 13.Which marks tThi.

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