Children, an Ideal Target for Online Advertisers Have

Hildren an important target audience for.Panama Phone Number List  Internet marketers the current permanent. Ultra connectivity has affected us all for several years. And has increased since the start of the health crisis. The same is true for children and teenagers. Who are spending more and more time on digital tools to browse. Different content and different social networks. Including Instagram Facebook YouTube or takt which has exploded recently. The observation is clear the screen time per day and per child is on average .2 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends. Also more than half of children over the age of 8 have .At least one account on one of these platforms. It is possible to believe that there is nothing alarming in this.

The Purchasing Power of the Child Children

However, advertisers have understood that. Panama Phone Number List Their targets and their communication channels had to. Change in order to directly reach the people concerned. Why target children.Children have long been a prime target for advertisers. For several reasons. Establish consumption. Habits faced with this increase in digital use by children. Advertisers see them as a long-term investment. In their communications. Indeedconsumption habits and especially eating habits. Are formed from an early age. It is therefore interesting to retain a consumer. To capture it as soon as possible.So that these habits are anchored in their daily lives.

Represent a Particular Target for Advertisers Because

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They have no real purchasing power.But rather significant decision-making and persuasive power with their parents. Insofar as a child is endowed with a strong sensitivity.A single viewing of an advertisement intended for him can have an immediate impact on his desire to possess the promoted product. The child however cute will be able to influence. And persuade his parents to buy the product. Panama Phone Number List What are the means used by these advertisers. In addition to the use of personification in advertisements aimed at children. Advertisers mainly use two means of communication. Targeted advertising. The use of social networks and other digital platforms lead .Panama Phone Number List To the scattering of personal data during our visits.  To various consumer profiles . Adults using digital technology. Know the importance of protecting their personal data and.

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