Danieli A New Platform

Integration between Group companies Cayman Islands Phone Number diffusion of a “corporate” mentality. These are the musts that today guide the priorities of the ICT Management of Danieli. The Italian multinational based in Buttrio, world leader in the production of steel plants with over 10,000 employees. With this in mind, various initiatives have been launched, in particular in the context of Communication & Collaboration. CIO Alexander Stewart explains , speaking at the Digital Innovation Academy of the Politico di Milano. The project that sees us most focused in 2016 is the one dedicat to the. Development of a new platform for HR management, which will be use as Software as a service.

Danieli A New Platform For HR Management

The Manager then lists the other priorities the second Cayman Islands Phone Number project is the new ERP, also foreseen in SaaS, for which we are completing the software selection the third is the evolution of CRM  the fourth, finally, is the implementation of a portal that unifies the Group’s values. Information and access the company knowledge base. In parallel, a workplace project is also being develop with the aim of giving users a new and better “user experience”, to better manage their work.

Cayman Islands Phone Number

A transformed ICT direction In order to support these Cayman Islands Phone Number  projects. The ICT Management had to transform itself considerably “to become more flexible and dynamic. Able to face the change that is taking place in the world of technology and information technology”. The new function is therefore divid into two areas. The Services area, which manages all the cases that impact the level of service perceived. The user experience and the Solutions area, which manages the creation of solutions. Through this organization, the ICT Management provides guidelines to the entire company. A more streamlined and immediate interface with internal customers.

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