Despite The First Criticisms Which Appeared At The Time

But things are changing fast. That “Reels” was only a pale copy of the application of Chinese origin. It seems that Instagram has started to fill the void left by TikTok. At least for some Indian users. That’s why it might seem a bit strange in hindsight that it took YouTube so long to bring Shorts to market. Because it gave Instagram a head start. That being said, the question now is which of the two platforms (YouTube/Instagram). Indian users will feel more comfortable on. In reality, for influencers, the most determining criterion remains visibility. However, as a marketing manager at YouTube explains. There are more than 2 billion visitors. Who come to the American video-sharing platform every month to have fun, learn, and share. He adds that countless creators and entrepreneurs have created real businesses thanks to YouTube.

In fact, no other platform can match this exposure, not to mention that YouTube is much bigger in the Indian market. Than its other competitor, Instagram. Moreover, a form of agreement is being concluded for Oracle, the American software giant. To buy the American operations of TikTok for the US territory only (and not an American company which would buy the whole of app). It therefore seems unlikely that TikTok will return to India for some time. YouTube in pole position. So, “Shorts” could therefore be the best option for all short video enthusiasts. And this new feature integrated into YouTube could quickly take off. It all really depends on how it will be received by the public. In addition to the new “Create” button. YouTube has also added a new viewing experience.

Youtube Encourages All Its Creators And Influencers To Take A Serious Look

But YouTube has also integrated new Discovery Panels into Shorts. To highlight this short-form content in the app and try to increase its exposure. Obviously, it will take a few weeks to see how popular these tools are. But again, it’s important to note that the reach. And exposure of Shorts content will be key to maximizing audience attention. And Uruguay Phone Number List  this new tool has only been released in India so far. YouTube encourages all its creators and influencers. To take a serious look at publishing short format videos. In view of a likely launch of Shorts worldwide. Towards the end of the year. Finally, we cannot help but raise a few questions. Will Shorts work? Will it have enough impact to limit the growth of TikTok?

Even with a new deal in place for TikTok’s US operations. There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the app’s future. While both YouTube and Instagram have mature and proven monetization models. Because despite the undeniable popularity of TikTok. If Youtubers and Instagramers find themselves there in terms of income with Shorts. It could well spell the end of the application born in China. Do you have a business in the Lyon region. And want to develop your communication? So, read this article carefully. First of all, it must be understood that the term communication agency can cover variable. And distinct skills and services. There are indeed agencies specializing in “print” type communication (flyers, brochures, posters, etc.). Or digital, or even video; not to mention the global communication consulting/strategy services. That are most of the time offered.


Top Some Communication Agencies In Lyon

We will mainly focus here on agencies capable of creating visual identities, providing communication strategies and advice, and building a brand identity using all the channels offered by digital technology. The communication agencies we are going to talk about are experts in all these areas and each has skills and specialties that your company could benefit from. Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools Intermediate Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools To download Here is our top 20 communication agencies in the city of Lyon and its surroundings. You professionalize the acquisition of customers and prospects. Our media and data buying experts boost the performance of your online advertising investments. Your business grows faster. contact us Grapefruit Pamplemousse is a communication agency present in the 4th arrondissement of Lyon, but also in Annecy-le-Vieux and Paris .

Its communication experts are able to guide you on your search for a brand name, your positioning, but also in the creation of content for an editorial line and high-level brand content. Pamplemousse can also assist you in your overall digital strategy. Seed of Pub This communication agency based in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon is able to meet your specific needs, whatever your field of activity. Graine de Pub can support you in all aspects of your communication strategy, from your visual identity to the purchase of advertising space, not to mention all the marketing aspect which includes web media and social networks. 4 – 33 degrees agency Located rue de la Bourse, in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon, this communication agency offers an impressive range of services: web and mobile development, graphics, community management, etc.

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