Digital 360 Awards

Digitalis Awards , the initiative organized by the Digitalis Group to identify. Reward the best digital innovation projects in the business sector. Developed by Turkey Phone Number any hi-tech supplier. Including startups , is now in the pipeline . One of the most distinctive and innovative prerogatives of the. Chief Information Officers of the main Italian companies. Public Turkey Phone Number administrations ( here the complete list ). After an initial online selection of applications , on 7 June 39 offering companies.

Digital 360 Awards In The Pipeline

Each candidate project was presented Turkey Phone Number with a 5-minute “pitch”. Big Data Analytics, Smart Turkey Phone Number  Working, Collaboration. Learning, Mobile Business, B2b Solutions, CRM and Solutions to support Marketing / Sales, IT Architecture, Security & Governance. Three special prizes to the best startup. To projects that have distinguished themselves respectively for their social impact. or the breadth and depth of the digital transformation .

 Turkey Phone Number

Andrea Ran gone (CEO Digitalis) at the presentation Turkey Phone Number  event of the pitches for the. Digitalis Awards on 7 July (here the registration form ) at the Swiss Center in Milan. With the participation of Andrea Ran gone (CEO of Digitalis).  Mariano Corso (Scientific Director of Particularization).

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