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As a matter of fact. A digital check to finance the digital. Namibia Phone Number List Communication of vses/smes since the start of the health crisis. Due to the potential risks of transmission of covid-19. These restrictive measures have a major impact. On the activity of these companies.Which base their activities on the sale of products. By welcoming customers to their premises. The companies most affected by these closures are vses (very small enterprises. Which due to their size and resources, are struggling to find solutions. To continue their sales activities. A solution presented by the state to deal with the. Consequences linked to the covid crisis the state is offering aid in the.

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Amount of 500 euros to support and encourage. Vses to continue their activity in another way online. Namibia Phone Number List This aid, called chequeen France num is part of the recovery plan.As a matter of fact.  France relance presented on september 3, 2020, by prime minister jean castex. The aim of this plan is to remedy the social and economic consequences caused by the crisis. Indeed approximately 110000 companies can claim this support from the state. Which has allocated nearly 120 million euros to the digitization of vses. Already almost 30000 companies have benefited. From it and the system has been extended until june 30 2021. Also the government has announced that the subsidy. Will be extended to all vses however this is not yet in force. The objectives of this aid the digital check allows vses, among other things.

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In the first place. Finance their digital equipment to be. Namibia Phone Number List  Able to create a website improve online communication. To increase sales who is the digital check for.In the first place. This state subsidy is intended for vses that have been . Closed for a ban on public reception since october 30. To say nothing of. In additio these companies must combine the fact of achieving a turnover of less than 2 million euros per year and have fewer than 11 employees . Expenses eligible for aid this aid encouraging vises to invest in digital. Can be used for various expenses related to the digital installation.To say nothing of. As a matter of fact.  Indeed it can be used for purchases or subscriptions to digital solutions such as.

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