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The European Commission asks analysts to represent three generations of Europeans in an infographic. Comparing them with respect to their digital maturity. The numbers, which describe people’s private and professional lives. Thus reveal some interesting aspects but also some strong discrepancies in the ICT. Culture of European citizens compar to what are defin as digital skills. Looking at the data and suggestions, the moral seems to be the following. Also in this regard, the data show how, compared to women, more than twice as many men graduate in. That which can be defined as the golden trinomial STEM, or Science, Technology and Mathematics.

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Digital youth without aligned education Colombia Phone Number of European workers know little or. Nothing about digital Over 65: today half do not even know what the Internet is 16-24: digital youth, without aligned education For example, it is true that a part of the 16-24 generation use the Internet regularly. Too bad that only 20-25% of children can count on teachers who know digital technologies well and know how they work. Not to mention the fact that less than half of European children can attend schools with digital equipment to support teaching activities.

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WHITEPAPER What is the difference between materialization and digitization? Materialization Electronic invoicing Read the privacy policyE-mail Business email Allows the sending of promotional material, carrying out market research or commercial communications with automated and traditional contact methods of the Joint Controllers on behalf of third parties (without communicating data to them) belonging to the manufacturing branch, of services (in particular ICT ) and trade. The EU stresses that it is necessary to increase the number of students specialized in ICT, especially women.

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