Digital Skills The School

Digital skills are acquir independently (58.8%) or directly in the El Salvador Phone Number workplace. But not at school, indicat only by  the over 2,000 young people involv in the research. Digital Generations at work Of the Sodalitas Foundation and Randstad Italia. Of these young people , only one in 4 feels truly ready on the digital front to enter. Grow in the world of work , while a larger 63% feel “quite” ready. Specific technical programs. In the use of social networks also for professional purposes.  In the Cloud (42.8%) and in the Internet of Things (47.6%), even if the supervision of the latter two areas is still little requested in the interview phase. On the other hand, there is a collapse of competence in coding, which can be translated as a general IT mental approach that leads to programming (16.9%), which, however, is already considered important by 39% of the interviewees.

Digital Skills The School System Does Not Support

The sample taken into consideration by the study El Salvador Phone Number is predominantly male  with a higher diploma  than a degree (36.3%) and, in 82.2% of cases, works or has at least work experience to his credit. Those who, after graduation, decided not to continue their studies so mainly due to lack of. Economic resources rather than for lack of interest in studying (19.8%). A figure that confirms the trend observed in 2014, even if in the last year the percentage of those who, after graduating from high school.

 El Salvador Phone Number

The technological infrastructure of schools is therefore El Salvador Phone Number consider unsuitable for learning. Of the sample declare it not even teachers and professors are consider prepar to face the digital challenges. Related demands of the world of work. And the more you continue in your studies, the worse things get worse. Given that among those who attended university the criticism of infrastructures. Teaching is growing, compared to those who did not continue after diploma.

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