Digital specialists E-commerce

Digitization is transforming the scenarios of our country . The strategies, business models and technological solutions to focus on are changing. At the Dominican Republic Phone Number same time , the salaries of emerging figures with digital skills.  Job opportunities are growing , which in particular in the sector of new media. Social networks have increased by 15% . The Data warehouse manager and the Chief technology manager.The Chief technology manager is a technology-savvy manager who can. Identify possible technological applications in company products.

Digital specialists E-commerce Manager And Web Reputation

This is what emerges from the research dedicated Dominican Republic Phone Number to the digital sector by the headhunting company Technical Hunters , which outlines the most requested profiles that in Italy it is still difficult to find.The E-commerce manager is responsible for the online sales channel . Companies generally look for profiles with at least 3-5 years of experience and an economic or engineering degree. Dominican Republic Phone Number

A figure still little known in Italy, the Web reputation Dominican Republic Phone Number manager is the one who analyzes and manages the corporate image on the network and on social media channels. “Abroad he is a very widespread figure unlike Italy where the needs of this professionalism exist within companies but it is still difficult to find the right profiles”, explains Manuela Tagliani, Manager of Technical Hunters, “Therefore they rely too often on these still outsourced functions. However, this profile is growing and the prospects for future development are very good.




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