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The regular. Subscribe to the email that more than 190.000 other marketers trust: Revenue Weekly. Sign Up Today linkedin advertising guide part 1: Types of linkedin ads First in this linkedin paid advertising guide. Let’s talk about the types of linkedin ads you can run. There are four main types of linkedin ads: Sponsored Content Text Ads Dynamic Ads Messaging Ads Let’s dive in and learn more about these ad types! 1. Sponsored Content First on our list of linkedin ad types is Sponsored Content ads.

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You see most often –– they appear in your newsfeed as you scroll through content. You’ll see these ads tagged with the word “promoted” in your feed. Linkedin ad for Volvo’s cars These ads are great for building Ghana Phone Numbers recognition and helping more people discover your business. Sponsored Content ads provide you with numerous opportunities to customize your ad type. You can create a single image. Video. Or carousel ad. 2. Text Ads One of the simplest types of linkedin ads you can run is Text Ads.

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The right-hand side at the top of users’ feeds on linkedin. As the name implies. These ads are mainly text and only include a small logo next to the text. Text ads appearing on the linkedin sidebar These ads are an excellent way for you to reach people who browse linkedin on their desktops. It’s also great for reaching more qualified leads and getting them to check out what you offer. 3. Dynamic Ads Another type of linkedin ad you can run is Dynamic Ads. Dynamic ads are personalized to the user and appear in

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