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an example of this is the Napoli military jersey. the Athletic Bilbao jersey with stains like painting among many other examples. However. in Russian soccer an extraordinary case was registered. which applies a model contrary to the commonly established one. in which the brand imposes the fashion of the designs in the clothing; this time. it was an amateur and his strange good luck charm. which spawned a whole marketing strategy. FC Rostov lost a local match two days ago. as a result of the above and as a show of support. a fan gathered at the stadium to support his team.

with him. a carpet which caught the attention of the fans. media. fans and team managers. The carpet acquired the nickname of amulet after Georgia whatsapp number list Rostov won their duel 4 goals to 0 against Yenisey Krasnoyarsk; team officials watched as the fan shook the rug during the match. So. after the stir caused by the product commonly seen in living rooms. the team decided to launch a fourth kit. which emulates the carpet. Marcelo “El Loco” Bielsa is one of the most recognized DTs in the world. The Argentine has garnered prestige based on consistent statements. disruptive strategies. low profile and dedication to work.

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Without the charisma of others. those three qualities. plus his undeniable ability in coaching. have led him to be one of the coaches with the greatest and best image. In fact. every time there is a vacancy in a major club in the world. he is among those named. After the World Cup in Russia . for example. he was one of the possible coaches to take charge of the Mexican team. However. his sporting results have not been as good as could be expected: three league championships in Argentina (with Newells and Vélez Sársfield) and a gold medal in football at the 2004 games. Despite having directed in Mexico. Spain. Chile and France (and two days in Italy. in Lazio). he did not win championships and in some cases.

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such as Lille. his effectiveness was poor. So. what makes Bielsa a great DT highly valued by most? A former coach. also Argentine. Alfio “Coco” Basile sums it up: “Bielsa is the most marketer I’ve ever seen.” The also former DT of the Argentine National Team made the statement in an interview with the newspaper La Nación . There he said that he seems like a “good guy”. but added that it is not explained how he gets so much attention. “It shouldn’t be his fault. because he seems like a very good guy. but I don’t understand how they televise a match of England’s B).” he said. referring to the fact that Leeds Unitedgames are broadcast live on Argentine TV. the new club directed by Bielsa in the English second division.

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Suddenly he becomes silent when he listens… Bielsa”. describes the journalist –Cristian Grosso– who interviewed Basile. “I don’t want to talk about Bielsa because he is the most marketer I have ever seen in my life. It shouldn’t be his fault because I think he’s a very nice guy. but I don’t understand how they televise a B game. Who pays for that? Find out! Who paid when he managed Lille? I can not believe it. He never takes on a big team. with an obligation to win”. Beyond this. he said that “as a coach. all the players say that he is a very good player. and if the majority agrees…”. “I spoke with him only once . he was in charge of Argentina. he invited me to have a coffee and I remember that he asked me how the qualifying rounds were.

As a local or as a visitor? I asked him. As a visitor they shoot arrows. lions. pumas and stones at you. And as a local. you are a real local. He started laughing. but then I didn’t see him anymore. weird guy”. Leeds grows thanks to Bielsa Basile’s statements are supported by the facts. For example. since he has been manager of Leeds. The recognition of the English club has grown throughout the. World and his presence has been enhanced on social networks. The Guardian describes him very well. When Bielsa joined Leeds on June 15 to replace Paul Heckingbottom. It quickly became clear that the club would never be the same again.

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