Dropbox And Whatsapp

Italian Managers are in pole position in Norway Phone Number using Dropbox and Google Drive to store and share documents. No longer always making it necessary to be present in the office. In Italy  of Italian managers and professionals use it systematically and almost all ( use instant messaging also for job exchanges.

Dropbox And Whatsapp The Most Frequent

This was revealed by the latest research by Regus the Norway Phone Number supplier of flexible workspaces.  Conduct on a sample of over 44,000 managers and professionals in 100 countries around the world.The most used application for sharing files and documents is Dropbox with followed by Google Drive at  in the world) and by WeTransfer, which in Italy records a 3 against a global average of only 18%. The use of Google Hangouts is also significant.  With 21.4% in Italy and Microsoft Remote Desktop in Italy and 19% in the world).

 Norway Phone Number

Which facilitate agile work (smart working) . According to the research, 96% of managers and professionals interviewed in Italy used at least one instant messaging tool in the last month. 84.4% of Italian managers use Whatsappagainst 54% of the world average, while Skype is the most used VoIP solution in the world, with 60%, a percentage that in Italy reaches 73.5%. Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, uses it almost one in two, as elsewhere (48%).

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