Electrolux Relies On Technology

Tarting from the recruiting module to choose the Netherlands Phone Number candidates. Best suited to their needs,  which has 58,000 employees. Worldwide, has decided to extend Cloud solutions to the learning. Talent management area as well. “Over the past eighteen months we have worked with Cornerstone. On Demand, our technology Netherlands Phone Number partner. To implement the recruiting module – says Andreas Olofsson.

Electrolux Relies On Technology To Grow People

Headquartered in Stockholm, Electrolux has a Netherlands Phone Number turnover of 13 billion euros. Sells 60 million household appliances a year in over 150 countries. Has a staff concept with a view to developing skills. Improving performance to support the business . Precisely to achieve these large-scale objectives in a homogeneous. Fast and effective way, it has relied on the technological support of Cornerstone.

Netherlands Phone Number

Modules available and select the courses to participate in based on their areas of improvement. The role they hold and their development plan. Annual salary review processes, linking Netherlands Phone Number  them to performance. Continuous feedback to adjust the shot and the definition of development. Empowerment Netherlands Phone Number plans in line with the future. needs of the organization.

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