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Change is there and you can feel it, but Italians do not experience it in a traumatic way. Indeed, they are the most enthusiastic about the impact. That the Employees A Combination digital revolution has on their way of working, to the point that 90%. See it as an opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency, to have new communication. Collaboration tools and to overcome barriers and constraints that make daily activities more onerous. This was revealed by the latest Grandstand Work monitor.The survey carried out in 34 countries in the first quarter of 2016 on over 400 people per country.

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For optimism on digital functionality Austria Phone Number we are in first place in Europe. In 4th place in the world.  Just after India Mexico (96%) and Chile (95%), against a global average of 79%. But, at the same time, 88% recognize that they need more. Training to master new technologies and use them to the fullest: third in the world to feel the need. After Malaysia and India (69%). The main consequences of this epochal change in working methods. Relationships are the need for constant updating, the sense of inadequacy in those who do not master. IT tools and the risk of transforming interactions into something purely virtual.

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This risk is deeply felt by Italians, who most of all still consider face-to- Austria Phone Number face the best way to interact with others (94%). 47%, in line with the global average, admit that they are already less in contact with their collaborators due to this pervasive technology, which connects and distances at the same time, and 50% also extends this effect to private relationships (less of the average). Still 44% say that technology makes society less human (in this we are at the bottom of the ranking), against a global average of 59%, but 65% believe it is capable of creating a more humane society, above the average of.

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