Enel When Digital Transformation Starts

Enel aims to become the first utility in the Saudi Arabia Phone Number  world with a digital. Strategy with positive effects on all business areas. To achieve this, he is working continuously and briskly. Strongly desired by the CEO Francisco Sta race , who acts both at the level of skills. At the organizational level. Underlines Silvia Stellato ,Development Global ICT and Global Procurement. HR Business Partner Enel’s Global ICT and ICT Key people.

 Enel When Digital Transformation Starts With Human Resources

Promote innovation and creativity Mapping Saudi Arabia Phone Number digital skills? Yes, with gaming. A Hackaton and the selection of Digital Champions Objective: Digital Manager Promote innovation. Creativity Starting from the belief that to generate. Innovation it is necessary to find creative solutions through discussion, generate ideas through debate and experiment through rapid research. A competence   Saudi Arabia Phone Number
With My Best Failurethe company tries to get.  Employees Saudi Arabia Phone Number  used to accepting the fact that mistakes. Can be made when facing a change: each employee had the opportunity to present their. In the end the winners were decreed, in the logic to encourage people to dare without fear of making mistakes.

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