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Facebook will offer you more control. Guatemala Phone Number Over your account on january 28 2020. Mark zuckerberg took advantage. Of data protection day to announce the global rollout of his off-facebook activity tool. The american company wants to devote its year. And even this new decade, to protecting the privacy of its users. Thus your smo agency is responsible for bringing you the elements of this first novelty of the year. User privacy as a primary objective nowadays. It is more and more common to have the. Possibility of registering. Or connecting to a site, or an application, using your facebook account. Users generally see it as a time saver. Allowing them to avoid having to fill in information on traditional forms.

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However this option is the reason which. Guatemala Phone Number Obliges the american giant to change its. Way of doing things and to signify more clearly to its users. The parameters exploited. Especially when it comes to advertisements. Of which they are the target. “to reach users who are more likely to be interested. In their products/services companies often share their. Site’s interaction data with advertising platforms and other services. That’s pretty much how the internet works. But, given that the average user with a smartphone. Has more than 80 applications, and uses around 40 of them every month.T’s going to be a complicated mission to track which .Services have information on them.And the use that they do. »thus, the off.

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Facebook activity tool which had been. In the test phase since last august in ireland. South korea and spain, was deployed on january 28. The silicon valley company wanted feedback. Before launching globally, as it was a completely new project. Which followed a year of upstream work. In place since 2014. Facebook wants to develop its privacy assistance. Over the next few weeks. Nearly two billion users.Will receive a notification to review. Guatemala Phone Number Their privacy settings if they wish. Source facebook a real fear of users are mark zuckerberg and. Guatemala Phone Number His teams really concerned about protecting the privacy .Of social network users o do they have. The sole purpose of restoring their image. The trend would lean more towards the intention to prove their good faith. About the use of user data. After having suffered several episodes difficult to erase.

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